Photo Gallery

Here you will see my wheels as they are on peoples skates all over the world as well as custom 1 off wheel creations I’ve been commissioned to make.

A.Piercy, UK.

These Black beauties are my older design with no fancy holes inside the hub. Black 90A’s cut narrow to 40mm wide.

Here is a nice fluro red experiment I did recently.

R.Green, Australia.

These tires are 64mm Fluro Yellow Super D’s made to fit the old Powell Peralta Primo Deano hubs. Sorry guys I only make the tires if you want the hubs – happy hunting.

F.Benjamin, USA.

Now these wheels are interesting. It was a full custom job here. I was sent those hubs and asked to make molds and pour the urethane and that is what I did.

T.Foster, USA.

A set of Natural Super Enforcers full size. Gives your skates that classic look. These hubs look similar to old school Fan Jets but that is all they have in common. All Australian designed and made.

J.Pattison, Australia.

A sample picture of 8 different coloured wheels I made for Ms Pattison.

S.Corey, Australia.

Yep my own skates. Sporting my original test set for a new 94/5Aish compound. I named this colour Vitaman C.

J.Pattison, Australia.

Now these are interesting. A custom green wheel and custom boots. Ms Pattison has recently finished a boot making course and these boots are a pair she made for one of her class projects. Beautiful work.