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History of Corey Skates.

Back in 2008 after many years of not skating I had the urge for a roll so I called up an old skate buddy and we ended up going for a roll.
Well to cut long story short I was hooked again.
Soon I was looking for new wheels and quickly discovered things had changed. I was amazed that I couldn't find any decent new wheels on the market.
Where were the Primo Deano's, Wicked Lips, Turbo's, Ninja's?
All the legendary speed wheels of years gone by were no longer available and everything that replaced them just was not up to the same standard.
After doing a lot of research and speaking with my dad who is a chemical engineer I decided to give making my own skate wheels ago.
Finding the best raw ingredients was the first challenge.
Picking Dad's brain was also challenging to say the least.
Followed by finding a good machinist to make the hubs.
Mold making was another challenge.
Next was figuring out the best way to process the urethane. 12 years later and I'm still tinkering with methods and new materials.

After hundreds of test wheels, hundreds of rejects, dozens of different molds I finally came up with some wheels I was happy with.

2009 I started selling wheels and ever since have been gradually adding to the product range and improving formula's as I go.

With the help of many of my old speed skate mates as well as members from all over the world on I've been able to gather all the feedback I needed to make some of the most durable high performance wheels on the market today.

2010 and 2011:
The introduction of replacement tires for Primo Deano hubs.
My all new design The Super Enforcer was born.

2012 saw the introduction of this website to allow everyone easier access to the products.